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Admission Guide to Study Medicine (MBBS) in China for International Students

Date: 2024-03-01
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China, as the second largest economy in the world, has become a hot study destination for international students who want to study medicine abroad for its most competitive and best value English-taught MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programs and relatively low study costs. Each year thousands of international students from over 200 countries choose to study medicine in China.


Recently, China’s medical universities are gaining more attention from international students and their parents as final results of senior secondary schools are being released or will be released soon in many countries. As a high school graduate-to-be, have you started to look for opportunities to study medicine in China? When you start looking for schools to study medicine in China, I guess many of you will have questions as follows,

1. Why should I choose to study medicine in China?

2. How to Choose the Most Suitable Medical Schools in China?

3. What Are the Best Medical Universities in China for International Students?

4. What Are the Costs for Study Medicine/MBBS in China?

5. Whether Am I Qualified for Study Medicine in China as An International Student?

6. What Are the Requirements for Study Medicine in China?


Today we are here to provide you all details regarding application and admission in China’s universities for medicine study. Let’s take a look !

I. Why Study Medicine(MBBS) in China?

1) Education of High Quality and Affordable Study Costs.

China has many top medical universities offering good eduation quality in medicine/MBBS which reachs to the international standards. Besides, the study cost of medicine/MBBS (Tuition fee ranges from 2,700-8,000 USD/year) in China's medical universities are much lower than that of western countries which is more affordable for most families. 

2) Advanced Teaching Facilities

China's medical universities and their affiliated hostpitals are equipped with advanced teaching and research facilities as the technology develops fast in recent years. Most schools here in China turns to high technology for teaching methods and facilities. International medical students in China now can also have the access to the advantage of these facilities when they are studying and interning here, which makes their study more efficient and convenient. 

3) Efficient Application and Admission Procedures

When it comes to application and admission procedures, China's universities tends to give simple and less strict criteria, international students can get all required documents easily according to the admission guide book. Besides, most medical universiteis here they don't require entrance exam before admission, instead they mainly check students' academic and interview performance for admission reference! This reduces the difficulty and procedures in gaining admission for international students. LUCAS International Team can also assist you in preparing related documents and offer you training for interview. 

4) International Recognition

Medical/MBBS/BDS programs in China's medical universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical councils in many countries, such as USMLE (USA), HPCSA (South Africa), MCI (India), PMDC (Pakistan), BMDC (Bangladesh), SLMC (Sri Lanka), SHC( Saudi Arabia), KIMS (Kuwait), IMA (Iraq), etc. Graduates of Clinical Medicine/MBBS from China's recognized medical universities are also eligible to take licensing exams in most parts of the world. 


II. Duration and Study Cost for English-medium Medicine/MBBS in China

Duration: 6 years (including 1 year internship)

Tuition fee: ranges from 2,700-8,000 USD/year

Hostel fee: ranges from 700-2,000 USD/year
Living cost: 150-300 USD/month

Others (insurance, medicals, residence permit, etc.): around 500 USD/year


III. Application Deadline

March intake: around January

September intake: around June

* Please note:

Universities can close any time before published deadline if vacancies are full. So suggest to apply as early as possible.


IV. Qualifications for study Medicine/MBBS in China

1.  Applicants for study medicine in China should be 18 years old and above with good physical and mental health. Applicants under 18-year-old and above 16-year-old should submit their parents’ confirmation letter and authorization letter of legal guardians in China. 

2. Applicants must have senior high school diploma or above, all grades (WAEC, Matric, Baccalaureate, A Level, IB, AP etc.) should meet admission standards. Subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English are the major ones to be evaluated, usually should be C (70%) or above. 

For those who didn’t write A level results, can choose to study one semester/year pre-medical program before applying for medicine/MBBS.

3. English proficiency: Applicants whose mother/official language is not English need to provide English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc.)

V. Application Documents for Study Medicine(MBBS) in China 

1. Passport and Passport-sized photo(white background);

2. Certified Results/Transcripts of each academic year and Certificate/Testimonial of high school with school's official stamp;

3. Application Form (we provide, no HANDWRITTEN, fill on computer and send back WORD file);

4. Medical Report (we provide medical form);

5. Resume/CV (attach photo);

6. Bank Statement of 5,000+ USD;

7. Police Clearance;

8. Statement of Employment if applicable;

9. Two Recommendation letters from high school;

10. Self-introduction Video (within 3 minutes);

11. English proficiency certificate for non-English speakers;

12. Study plan of 800 words or so.

*Please note: 

Not all the above documents are required, application documents vary from university to university.


Popular Medical Universities Recommended by LUCAS International Team

1. Xuzhou Medical University (Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province)

Tuition fee: 33,000 RMB/year
Hostel fee: 4,800 RMB/year (Double Room)


2. Fujian Medical University (Fuzhou, Jiangsu Province)
Tuition fee: 35,000 RMB/year

Hostel fee: 5,000 RMB/year (Double Room)


3. Wenzhou Medical University (Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province)

Tuition fee: 35,000 RMB/year

Hostel fee: 4,400 RMB/year (Double Room)

For more MBBS programs/Medical Universities, please click here: MBBS in China

For Application/Admission, please contact us via the following ways:

E-mail:  info@lucas-edu.cn / info@lucas-international.cn
WhatsApp:  +86-139-6450-0313 

WeChat:   LUCAS_International

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